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Things You Should Know About Baby Hair Care

All of you would agree with us when we say that parenthood is a blessing, and we cannot be thankful enough for such a wonderful gift in our lives. If you are pregnant for the first time or have become a parent recently, you must have several questions in your mind directing towards how you can take better care of your baby. For experienced parents, the decision is slightly easier; however, as every child has their own requirements, it is nevertheless important to be anxious about the baby’s wellbeing. Talking about the baby’s well-being, apart from skincare, hair care should be a major concern. There are so many hair care products available on online e-commerce platforms and offline retail stores, including Hair oil for babies from Mamaearth. Out of these products, you need to choose the best ones available in Dubai, UAE, so that your baby is nurtured properly. However, before you end up reviews and buy products, you need to understand the key aspects related to the hair care of your baby. 

How Should You Take Care of Your Baby’s Hair?

Baby hair is always soft, and extra care needs to be taken to ensure that your baby grows up to have healthy and strong hair. The ways to ensure the same can be discussed as follows: 

  • A Proper Hair Wash

You may think that your baby hardly has any hair and rarely gets exposed to the external environment. Even then, your baby’s hair is bound to get dirty because of the dirt from all around, grease accumulated due to oil massage, and more. This is when cleaning the hair becomes important. To clean the hair of your baby, you should use an organic shampoo only. Make sure that the ingredients in the shampoo are 100% natural and are gentle in nature with tear-free properties. This will help in cleaning the scalp properly and remove dirt and grease from the hair. The essential oils will also lock in the moisture and nourish the hair from the roots. 

  • A Gentle Oil Massage

An oil massage is a significant step in the hair care regime for a baby. When you apply oil on your baby’s scalp and hair, the nourishing properties are transferred to the hair, and the roots are strengthened. The moisturising properties of essential oils like avocado oil and jojoba oil keep the scalp healthy and prevent the appearance of dandruff and flakiness that are initiated when the scalp is dry. While massaging hair oil for babies from Mamaearth on your baby’s scalp in a circular motion, the baby is benefitted as blood circulation is enhanced. At the same time, the pores are unclogged, and better nourishment is provided. 

  • Cure for the Cradle Cap

Your baby’s skin is moisturised naturally when sebum is secreted from the dermis, that is, the skin. However, if the same sebum is excreted in greater amounts than necessary from the scalp, then yellowish patches are formed on the surface of the scalp. This condition is known as cradle cap. The cradle cup is uncomfortable for the baby, and the scalp needs to be kept clean to prevent and contain it. So, using ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, and lavender extract in the form of hair oil for babies can help in the prevention of cradle cap and cure the same. You can purchase any product such as the hair oil for babies from Mamaearth in Dubai, UAE, that can help in fighting cradle cap. 

If you keep these suggestions in mind, you will sail through in taking care of your baby’s hair care routine. Be as gentle as possible in every step and use the best organic products for your baby’s wellness.  



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