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Top 5 Hand Strengthening Exercises for Stronger Hands

Our hands are the god-gifted tool to accomplish our regular activities from the moment we hit the snooze button of our mobile in the morning to the time while we draw up our bed cover at night. We do so much activity from morning to evening with our hands throughout the day. Our hands can cook, clean, write, text, type, hold objects, squeeze, and hug. Our hands are multipurpose tools that can perform hundreds of tasks. But with aging, our forearm muscle and finger joints get weaker, and we can’t do our basic jobs properly. For example, weaker forearm muscle leads to poor holding capacity that bothers them most. Poor holding capacity makes you unable to hold things, unscrewing a tight lid of a container, opening doorknobs, carrying grocery bags, and a lot more.

To prevent hand weakness, we are going to talk about some hand strengthening exercises for strong hands. Before that, we would discuss why we require hand strengthening exercises? 

Why do we require hand strengthening exercises?

As both of our hands do hundreds of activities without engaging our minds, it is essential to keep them strong to gain enough endurance to stress and strain.

Hand strengthening exercises:

  • Increase grip and pinch strength
  • Decrease joint stiffness and pain, improve flexibility
  • Develop hand endurance
  • Decrease the chance of hand injuries
  • Advance hand dexterity and fine motor coordination
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You have to remember, if you have flexibility issues with your fingers, then you need to work on mobility primarily as you won’t strengthen hands with a limited range of motion. However, by chance, you have full mobility; these main five hand reinforcing activities can assist you with building your grasp, further develop hand performance, and lessen the risk of hand injuries.

Keep in mind that these reinforcing strengthening activities should not be excruciating. You might see your fingers getting drained or somewhat sore, but you ought to slow down or stop these activities if you have sharp pain. These hand exercises are not the replacement of medication and medical advice. If you are going through severe hand pain, please consult with an orthopedic expert before beginning these exercise programs. It is a disclaimer from us.

For performing below, you require two pieces of equipment such as Therapy Putty and a thick rubber band. You can use a squishy ball instead of a putty. Therapy putty is used to gain light resistance. It comes in various colors, and each color signifies different resistance.

Putty Grip & Squeeze Exercise

We would recommend using the therapy putty over a squeeze ball as you can squeeze it completely through to your palm. A ball obstructs your development and permits you to strengthen hands within a limited scope of movement. 

Additionally, as you control the putty in your grasp, this can work on your dexterity level and coordination of the fingers and thumb.

Grasp the putty and fit it into your hand until your fingertips touch your palm; then, at that point, release and control the putty in your grasp and plan to squeeze once more. Set a clock for 2-3 minutes or repeat multiple times.

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Thumb Pinch Strengthening Exercise

Thumb is an important part of our hand, and the thumb regulates half of our hand functions. Thus it would help if you took care of it while performing hand strengthening activities. Thumb is important for pinching activity as you open bags, bottles, or a lid.

Take therapy putty, roll it out into hot dog shape, use index finger and thumb, pinch alongside the putty, make a bit indent along the length of the putty. Do it a maximum of 20 times or a minimum of 10 times. Then alter the pinch type by changing the position of your thumb on top and pinching towards the index finger. do it again at least ten times

Rubber band Abduction Exercise

Place the elastic rubber band over each of the four fingers. Try not to incorporate your thumb. Now gradually spread your fingers keeping them apart; hold 5 seconds then, relax. Repeat 10-20 times.

This exercise is suitable for intrinsic hand strengthening as it points out the muscles of the hand, which lie in a deep layer between your fingers.

Rubber band “C” thumb Exercise

Place the elastic rubber band over each of the four fingers, including your thumb. Here you have to keep your all fingers together, open your thumb out to the side into the “C” position. It is not a thumb-up position; hold it for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat it 10-20 times.

Isometric handgrip exercise

You can do this exercise with Handgrip. Hand Grip strengthening exercise is an isometric exercise where you have to contract your forearm muscle without movement. It would help if you clenched your hands through a hand gripper. You have to cross multiple difficulty levels provided in the hand gripper for hand endurance.

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