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Top Prince Edward County Wineries – The Places You Must Visit

Approximately two hours away from Toronto, Prince Edward County is the long weekend trip that everybody wants to visit. There are rolling fields, farm-to-table menus, rustic barns, and on top of all, delicious wines to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. There are a number of wine producers creating delicious wines. On your visit, though, you can have the best wine-tasting experience at Prince Edward County Wineries. It was certified as a VQA appellation of origin, meaning it is a young and growing region with several winemakers experimenting with new wines. 

Due to the low temperatures, there is chardonnay and several pinot noirs, but the limestone and deep valleys also contribute to the fantastic, champagne-like wines. A lot of Prince Edward County wineries are situated on Closson Road, so you may even reach there by rented bikes.

Take a look at the top wineries to visit in Prince Edward County. 


Hinterland has the feeling that makes every visitor happy. Vicki Samara and Jonas Newman produce high-quality, sparkling wines at this winery using three techniques that include conventional modes of wine production to the Charmat method. On your visit, you can order Borealis with oysters and grab a seat in their warm and cozy barn. 

Grange of Prince Edward  Winery

If you are on the hunt for the best Prince Edward County winery, this mother-daughter run winery is the place for you. Give your staycation a boost at this winery. They have a cozy wine tasting room inside their almost 200-year-old barn. They welcome guests to taste wine along with picnic options. Their wines are 100% estate grown and 100% county grown.  Find wines from pinot gris to spiked and sparkling bottles. It means that you will not find these tastes anywhere else. 

Traynor  Family vineyards

It is a little winery and produces low-intervention natural and raw wines. The Prince Edward County Vineyard may be tiny in size, but it does not leave any gap to best wines. Traynor produces bold style wines like skin-fermented wine, piquets, and pet nats, which is a sparkling wine that is left for fermentation after capped in a bottle. You can enjoy a tasting experience of this young winery that you wouldn’t want to leave without buying a bottle from their tiny shop. 

Closson Chase

You might not be able to recognize many Prince Edward County wineries, but Closson Chase calls you. It was founded in 1998 and is a sustainable winery. It specializes in pinot noir and chardonnay that grow right in the cool climate of the county. The dominance of limestone contributes to producing world-class terroir-driven wines. Get a glass of their wine and enjoy gazing at the winery’s big acres. 

On your visit to Prince Edward County wineries, make sure to order a flight of all the local wines because you will not get them elsewhere. You can take a seat at these beautiful wineries and sip delicious tastes staring at the scenic views. Find out the must-taste wines right away. 





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