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Topmost Music Event Venues In Los Angeles

Are you someone whose dream destination is Los Angeles? Do you already reside in LA? If yes, then you might be aware of the fact that this is one city that has amazing music taste. A number of artists begin here, and by any chance if they don’t, they most likely end up playing in the city at one of the numerous venues. There is no denying the fact that  Los Angeles reigns when it comes to outstanding and roomy live music venues. This is primarily why a number of live music events in Los Angeles are organized.

Are you wondering which are the venues? Keep reading this article because we have mentioned some of the famous venues where artists from all over the world come and bless the ears.

The best music venues in LA

The Belasco Theater: Opened in the year 1926, The Belasco Theater is located in Downtown LA. According to expert research, this is one of the most famous and entertaining venues. The theater has hosted numerous popular acts, including Sam Smith, Coldplay, and others. With about 40,000 square feet of space, the theater provides a plethora of options for your next event. From a ballroom to a wine bar, basement lounge, etc, the theater has ample amount of space. In addition to this, the theater has the capacity to accommodate more than 1500 guests.

The Novo by Microsoft: This is a live music in Los Angeles venue that is located in the middle of the entertainment capital. It is known that this venue has hosted numerous famous acts, including Matisyahu, Jimmy Eat World, and 50 Cent. with about 59,000 square feet of space, and room for about 2300 guests, this venue is your best bet if you want to opt for galas, corporate events, and after parties. The venue ambiance is mind blowing. Apart from this, the decor is luring and will grab your attention for sure.

Walt Disney Concert Hall: Home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, this is a music venue that is best known for its architectural landmark and the best concert halls in the world. From an outstanding exterior to an auditorium that will grab your attention, this is a music venue that will never disappoint you. It is designed in a vineyard style that can accommodate more than 2500 guests.

These are some of the best live music events in Los Angeles. If you are someone who wants to bless the ears with some music, visiting any of the venues is recommended. You can always look up through the internet for the tickets and other information. In addition to this, make sure to collect all the information about the music venue. Apart from this, see if the music that interests you is played there or not, especially if you want to listen to a specific genre itself.

We hope this piece of information has been able to serve you well. Find out more about music events in LA by browsing through the internet.



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