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Types of wooden bed with storage – Solid wooden bed design

The bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom. Depending on the size of your room, you can choose a King sized bed or a Queen sized bed. Even then, given today’s apartment sizes, you probably won’t have more than a few feet of clear space around the bed. So, your bed needs to function as more than just a place to sleep comfortably. Ideally, you need a wooden bed with storage. This utilizes the space under the mattress to store clothing and linens that are used only seasonally. When it comes to storage, there are 2 ways to categorize the beds.

Beds with lift-up storage

As the name suggests, this type of design involves lifting up the base under the mattress to access the storage space underneath. The mattress base board is connected to the bed frame with a hinge near the headboard. The storage space can be one large section or broken up into smaller sections. Usually, to help keep things organized, the storage space is divided into 2 or 4 sections.

Lift-up storage can be further categorised as manual or mechanical lift-up storage. The former relies on manual strength to pick up the base board while the latter relies on hydraulic systems to do the heavy lifting. As one would assume, a mechanical lift-up storage system is easier to operate. Manual systems can be very difficult especially for older people. The mattress board also needs to be held up while the storage is being accessed and hence, this is 2-person job. The hydraulic system not only makes it easier to lift the mattress base, it also holds it in place until you are ready to bring it down.

Beds with drawer storage

Another way to organize storage under a bed is with a system of drawers. Drawers have their pros and cons. They organize the space into small sections and are more manageable but they also make lesser space available. You don’t need to worry about moving away pillows or re-dressing the bed since you are not moving the mattress or the sheets.

If you choose a wooden bed with storage drawers, you must make sure that you have enough space on either side of the bed to pull the drawers out completely and access the storage space. In some cases, this can make the space a little cramped.

Choosing your bed

Today, you can find many designs for a wooden bed with storage online. Shopping online is convenient and often you get better deals here. But, you need to ensure that you read the fine print and choose a reliable brand to shop from. Always pick a bed made from solid wooden furniture. If you’re on a budget, you can choose a bed made from mangowood or pinewood and if you don’t have to worry too much about pricing, you can choose a teak wood or rosewood bed. Also, make sure the wood is properly dried to remove excess moisture and treated for protection against pests.



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