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Ways to add Microblading/Botox to your Beauty Treatment Business

Microblading and botox are two very popular types of beauty treatments that women opt for. There is a major difference between the two that lets one decide what they want to go for. Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment of makeup for eyebrows that enhances the eyebrows to look thick with trendy arches. Like other permanent makeup treatments, natural pigments are injected into the skin to create a regular makeup look. It eliminates the risk of smudging, running, and even the task of reapplying, which is what makes the micro-blading treatment so popular. micro or nano needles are used by a microblading artist, to draw brow hair like thin strokes. The strokes are perfectly blended in the natural hair and give you a beautiful arch. 

On the other hand, Botox is actually a drug prepared from a toxin called botulinum. This drug blocks the chemical signals of nerves from reaching the muscles and restricts contractions. So, when injected in small amounts, it prevents skin wrinkles. You can enroll yourself for a botox course in London if you see it as a career option. Also, If you are planning to introduce these treatments to your business, here is a proper way to do it. 

Get the required certification

If you have decided that you want to add micro-blading to your business and make a career in it, you must start in the right way. The right way is to get a proper skill set and certification to introduce it to your business. You need to get a microblading course in the UK where they will teach you all the basics of permanent makeup. Many websites provide an online program for the same. At the end of the course, you get a certification, and you are ready to launch it in your business. 

Keep practicing for perfection

Just like any other field, you need to keep practicing your craft. Of course, you are excited and giddy to introduce botox and microblading in your business but it’s just also important to practice on paper or props before you start doing it on clients. In three to seven weeks of Microblading course, you’ll learn how to create thin hair-like strokes level by level so you can master creating a natural brow pattern on any shape of brows. Know that no eyebrow shape is the same, not even in the same person but don’t worry, practice will teach you everything you need to know. 

Build your clientage

Whenever you start something new, it is important to build your clientage. It is important to build trust amongst people and to do that, do every treatment like it’s your last. Your customers will act as your advertisement as a microblading artist in town. Since you are introducing it to your already established business, you have the advantage of using your name and your pre-built client base. 

These are some important steps to follow when you wish to introduce microblading and botox to your beauty treatment business. Once you master these treatments, you will start making money in no time. 



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