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Ways to Update Your Deck and Porch

You may be looking at your deck or porch and feeling it needs updating. There are many ways to upgrade any deck or porch into the luxurious, decorative space you’ve always imagined. And, you can easily do it yourself.

Here are some affordable ways to transform your outdoor space right now, regardless of season:

  • Clean Your Deck or Porch: you would be surprised what a difference a power wash or just a simple cleaning of the sides and bottom of your deck or porch will make. Removing just season’s worth of dust, soil, and nasty bugs can leave a beautiful shine. And, it will take no more than just an hour or two.
  • Replace Furniture: furnishings instantly attract visitors and onlooker’s eyes. Replacing anything worn or unappealing is an easy way to update your outdoor space. While you want attractive furnishings that can withstand harsh weather, remember you spend most of your time relaxing on your deck or porch, so you also want your furniture to be comfortable. Today’s selections offer a wide range of styles and colors.
  • Accessorize: accessories can be anything, from small, subtle enhancements to bold conversation pieces. Choose a sweet, green planter or a vibrant, multi-flower arrangement set in a large, colorful vase. Or, perhaps a fountain, a chimenea, or a marble statue. Scatter decorative pillows on your furniture, hang musical chimes, or hang a sign. Completely express yourself!
  • Arrange Lighting: lighting not only lets you see what you’re doing, which is a safety must, it sets a tone and mood. In addition to standard porch lights, string lights and/or Edison bulbs around railings, furnishings, and accessories. Insert tiki torches and place or hang candles, especially ones that give off pleasant scents and keep away pesty insects.

The best way to improve and/or update your porch or deck:

  • Add or Replace Railings: a deck or porch without a railing looks unfinished. Ones that are falling apart look terribly unsightly and also decrease your home’s value. Replacing or adding railings is the best way to enhance or uplift your deck or porch – they also provide safety – another must. And, aluminum railings are the best choice. Aluminum is the best and most reliable material, no matter your home’s style or décor –modern and vintage style homes, along with every other style, looks great with aluminum. It’s tough, versatile, reasonably priced, easy-to-install, and requires little care.

Aluminum Railing Depot

Aluminum Railing Depot (ARD) is the marketplace for all of your Aluminum Railing Supplies. Its products add durability, innovation, low maintenance, and quality to your home, deck, and porch. It provides the variety you need to design the deck or porch of your dreams and makes your outdoor living area a relaxing, amazing get-away. ARD is your one-stop, deck and porch aluminum railing, stair railing Installation, aluminum railing installation & railing kits home depot.

ARD offers two aluminum handrail and railings series:

  • Georgian Stair Railing Kit: Find brochure here.
  • Savannah Stair Railing Kit: Find brochure here.

Also see PREFERRED®’s how-to videos for assistance with railing installation

ARD exclusively deals PREFERRED® Aluminum Railing Products, which are the finest railing products on the market. PREFERRED’s engineers use 6005-T5 to design the easiest to install aluminum railings with a limited lifetime warranty, which guarantees that they have no design or materials flaws and will not peel, crack, flake, blister, flake, or rust.

Contact ARD today.




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