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What Are the Benefits of Immunity Booster Syrup?

Due to presence of antigens in the body, we experience health problems. So, antibodies are produced to fight against antigens. If you have a weaker immunity system, then your body cannot easily produce antibodies. Otherwise, you should consume medications, pills or antibiotics to fight against antigens. But, these medications do not provide long-term benefits. A person should eat healthy food toimprove overall immunity system.  You should also lead a healthy lifestyle. The immunity booster syrup is useful to an individual as it improves the immunity system of an individual.

Usefulness of immunity booster

Tulsi is known as a queen of herbs that helps in healing in a natural way. The leaves and flowers of Tulsi are both beneficial and used in the preparation of various medications. They help in resolving different health problems such as kidney stones, respiratory problems, skin diseases and earaches. It is also called as a wonder herb as it is aromatic, antipyretic in nature. The best syrup consists of some valuable ingredients to cure various health problems.


It is also known as Ram Tulsi or green leaf tulsi that contains light purple flowers and clove-like scent. It also consists of eugenol found in cloves and consists of mellow flavor.


It is found in different parts of Asia. The ArjakaTulsi helps in reducing elevated glucose level and treats common headaches.

Krishna Tulsi

The Krishna Tulsi is a purple leaf with clove flavor. It is useful in resolving different health problems cuh as respiratory disorders, throat infections, skin diseases and earaches. The oil drops of the Tulsi are used as ear drops. It is useful in treating different problems such as cholera, malaria, indigestion, and insomnia.

The immunity booster syrup is used to different types of health problems.

KutherakTulsi and Vana Tulsi

The Vana Tulsi is usually found in Sri Lanka and some parts of Africa. But, this tulsi should not be frozen. It grows in dry and hot areas. It improves overall immunity system of an individual and is also used to prepare tea. This plant consists of light green leaves with lemony flavor. It is helpful in dilating the airways and adding oxygen to the bloodstream. It also adds nutrients to your body and a person becomes healthier.

Allopathic medicines may cause side-effects, but the ayurvedic immunity booster does not cause any other adverse effects.

Usefulness of ayurvedic medicines

Although, ayurvedic medicines provide gradual health benefits, they improve immunity system in our body. It provides several health benefits to the users. Tulsi is also used to prepare skin creams to fight against problems such as inflammation, skin allergies, etc. It helps in brightening of skin and cure acne problems. It is also used in preparation of hair oil to fight against problems such as dandruff and prevent drying of scalp.

The ayurvedic immunity booster is useful to fight against antigens produced in the body and resolve different health problems. It helps in improving overall immunity of a person. A person with strengthened immunity system can recover easily from any disease.



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