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What Are The Benefits Of The World Wide Web?

The internet has grown to be one of the largest phenomena in the twenty-first century. Just look at how we spend our days. We wake up to the noise of our alarms and immediately look towards our phones for messages from instant messaging apps. Then, we go ahead and ask home automation devices to use the internet to play us songs or tell us about the weather or read us the latest news. Let’s be honest; we are now so used to online navigation apps that if Google Maps disappeared, we would not have figured out a way to reach the office. Then, at our workplaces, we make sure we keep in touch with our dependents at our houses and even the rest of the people who work at our workplace through online messaging apps. On our way back, besides using the network of networks for Google Maps, we also use it to group message all of our friends that we are free and “ready to chill.” At the time when we are there with them, we make use of the internet when posting stories with our friends on Instagram. Before going to sleep, we look through online content like this to achieve personal and professional growth.

Basically, the internet rules our lives and when something impacts us so much, we are bound to talk about that thing. We discuss many different aspects of the global network and it pays off a lot to gain more knowledge about those different aspects. To help with this cause, today, we will be delving deeper into, by a huge margin, the most important application of the internet – the World Wide Web. Specifically, we will delve into its advantages. But before all of that, we need to explain to you what the World Wide Web is.


The World Wide Web, as alluded to earlier, is one of the most important applications of the network of networks – the internet. It consists of many web pages and internet users can jump from one of them to another. All this jumping from page to page is thanks to the British computer scientist, or as we like to call him –  genius, Sir Thomas Berners Lee. We say this knowing that no one other than him invented HTML – the code that allows the jumping. The WWW was brought into existence in the late 1980 and early 1990s when Sir Thomas Berners Lee was working for European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN.

The Advantages of The World Wide Web

Now, let us explore why it is so important for you to keep paying for internet plans such as the Xfinity internet packages.


Well, I guess we all know this. If you have a query about something, you can google it and BOOM, you will get your answer. People from all over the world upload information on it for people from all over the world to use it. Considering how important knowledge is, the biggest advantage of the World Wide Web must be the fact that you can learn anything from it.


There is a lot you can do in terms of making money when it comes to the World Wide Web. If you are a writer, you can use the World Wide Web to find freelancing opportunities using apps like Fiver. In the case you feel like you have more business owner tendencies, you can go ahead and start your own e-commerce company. Make things at your home and get money for them. Especially during a time when a highly contagious respiratory illness threatens the lives of many in the world, how good does that sound?!’

Online Shopping

You do not want to go out because of COVID? Well, you can just shop online and you do not even need to go to the grocery store to buy even the most basic of groceries. That’s not it; you can also go to the grocery store to buy clothes and even shoes! The best part is many retail stores even let you return items if they do not fit you or you just do not like their look when they show up at your door.


Well, you can watch as many music videos and movies as you like on the internet. How can we even ignore that point when listing the advantages of the World Wide Web. Yet another thing you can do on the platform is play online games. Passing time has, indeed, become much easier. That’s good news for everyone but very good news for people who have young kids who demand to be entertained all the time.

Our Final Message

Be grateful for the World Wide Web!



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