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What Are The Best Self-Improvement Podcasts In 2022

Inspiration and guidance we all need at a certain point in time. Streaming applications such as Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and much more are helping people by adding the best self-improvement podcasts. Listening to positive things, especially the ones which connect to the person’s life, is more influential. Over 200 million users around the world have listened to self-improvement podcasts in the last year (2021).

This article will emphasize the role of podcasts and some of the popular podcasts in 2022. 

The Essence of Podcasts 

There are numerous benefits of listening to motivational podcasts such as:

➤Fill the Missing Hope 

Stress is a big issue that exists in this world. Many motivational coaches are talking about sad feelings, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, and various mental health issues to make people aware of the consequences and the ways to overcome them. 

Psychologists believe that talking helps as meaningful conversations have a good impact on the mind. When listening to a podcast where two people are talking to each other about some regular issue(s) or where the host is discussing the concern, people feel connected, and they get the answers which they are looking for. Such podcasts fill the person with new hope, which makes the listeners feel good & lively. 

➤Learn Something New 

Learning should never stop as it builds the personality internally & externally. When listening to self-improvement podcasts or reading quotes about life, there are chances that people get to learn something new in life. That can be a new solution to their daily problems, which listeners have no idea of. Therefore, self-improvement podcasts deliver the person a fresh perspective to see their problems and new approaches to fix them. 

➤A Feeling There is Someone Who Understands You 

When listening to a podcast, one may feel like the speaker knows everything out of their life; he/she knows how it feels to be in such a situation. One not only feels connected, but they feel nice that there is someone who understands their situations or who knows their pain. Listening to the speakers makes them feel that they are not alone who are going through troubles which works again as a booster. 

Top Running Self-Improvement Podcasts

➤The Life Coach School Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Brooke Castillo helps the listeners to have control over the brain. She pays heed to how to manage the problems by making the best use of the brain. She is a well-trained and certified life coach who has helped many listeners.

➤Happier with Gretchen Rubin

It’s one of the leading podcasts over the years. Expert Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft share many advice & tricks that one can incorporate in their life. The motive is to help people live happy lives. 

➤Steps to Live Fearless Life 

Giovanni Azael, an author of the popular book- this little light of mine for kids and motivational speaker. He has talked about various topics such as proven ways to pursue your ambition in life, how you train your brain to bring more positivity, etc. One of his popular podcasts, Steps to Live Fearless Life, has helped listeners to remove the fear that stops them from doing good in life. 

Give your life a chance to think good and do good. Hence, self-improvement podcasts can help you attain the goals of your life.





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