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What does a QR code generator software do?

QR codes are one of the efficient ways to share information by scanning a code on your device’s screen. It is a two-dimensional code containing data that consisting of pixels instead of barcode bars. They were first originated in the automotive industry in the form of the barcode to distinguish components safely and stayed intact even if partially destroyed or gets dirty.

They are captured easily via imaging devices, including a smartphone’s camera or a laptop’s camera, to read the content, making them easy to use. Their error correction capacity with high memory capacity made them famous, giving rise to the QR code era. Integrated with QR code generator software, they can even have the ability to create their QR codes.

Features of QR Code: Apart from a user-friendly, multiple features make quick response codes suitable for personal and professional use. They are

  • High resolution: Outputting multiple high-resolution image types like PNG, SVG, etc.
  • VCards: Ability to create a QR code for business cards.
  • URL: Ability to generate QR codes for your URL to tailor your business marketing.
  • Customization: Customizable QR codes with different colors and logos.
  • Email/SMS: Ability to scan information and create SMS and email.

Qualities of good QR codes: Since most of the software and apps provide options for users to create QR codes of their choice, the possibility of creating a lousy QR code is high. Few qualities of the QR code are listed below

  • Should consists of Optimized data set. Too much data will make your QR code less readable.
  • Optimized contrast is a quality possessed by a quality QR code. Using contrast colors makes it more distinguishable. If color contrast is negligible, the possibility of QR scanning is relatively low.
  • Too much branding or a lousy logo will affect your QR code adversely.
  • Content quality should be excellent and helpful. Users will stay back if boring content or too much information is presented.
  • Smartphones are the most popular medium of using QR codes. So, generated content should be mobile-friendly. Non-optimized mobile content may result in poor performance.
  • Should match users expectation by telling them the exact information that will be available
  • In the case of a big banner, it should be within reach of the users to scan easily.
  • Quick scan

The above features will make your QR code the best one if you can incorporate these features inside your QR code. You will provide users optimal information, which in most cases adds value. Qrcodescannerpro is the best website using which you can have all these features. It gives your QR code capable of

  • Application download via URL
  • Redeeming coupon that can be a marketing strategy
  • Receive payments
  • Getting information from mass users via feedback, surveys, etc.
  • Promoting event via banners that use QR code
  • Quick and quality information about a product or service
  • Authentication purpose

 Qrcodescannerpro is also a QR code generator software to create the best and optimized QR codes for personal and professional uses.



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