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Which is the Best Hospital for Lymphoma Cancer Treatment?

Lymphoma cancer is a type of blood cancer. It is cancer encountered in fighting cells in the immune system. Patients who have lymphoma cancer can experience weight loss and night sweats. It is because it majorly affects the spleen, thymus, and lymph nodes. In addition to this, it damages the abdomen, throat, and esophagus. Hence, it becomes necessary to get the right treatment. However, it is not easy to find a hospital that offers complete treatment under one roof. 

Besides, Fortis La-femme Hospital has a provision of lymphoma cancer treatment. Patients who are more exposed to chemicals may experience blood cancer. It is because it causes weakness in the immune system. 


Treatment Options –

The oncologist is the doctor who is specialized in treating the condition related to cancer conditions. Therefore, you can expect the following treatment options:

Chemotherapy- The doctor will use a specific type of drug to treat the condition of lymphoma. The patient shall consume the pill, or it is injected into the nerves. The drug is used to kill cancerous cells. Besides, the medicine is highly used in the treatment of lymphoma cancer. 

Targeted Drug therapy- It is important to know that targeted drug therapy is different from chemotherapy. Here in the treatment, you can expect that the doctor will prescribe the targeted drug. It is because it has more vitality to kill the cancerous cell than chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy- Radiation therapy is highly preferred to treat lymphoma cancer. It uses radiation waves to stop the growth of cancerous cells. The cells are killed by destroying their DNA. Hence, the cells do not regenerate. 

Immunotherapy- The doctor will prescribe immunotherapy to improve the internal strength. Besides, patients need strength and immunity to fight against lymphoma cancer. 

Stem Cells Transplantation –

  • The oncologist will perform stem cell transplantation. It is a surgical procedure that involves the treatment of lymphoma cancer. The doctor will process a thorough physical and medical examination. 
  • Besides, the expert will ask for medical history report to determine family condition. After several tests, the doctor will analyze the treatment.
  • During the surgery, the doctor may take the stem cells from the patient’s own body. In some cases, the matched donor can also be an efficient option for stem cells. 
  • In one method, i.e. autologous transplant, the stem cells are injected into the patient’s vein. The stem cells flow through the bloodstream. The doctors prefer autologous transplantation as it is easy to perform. Besides, the procedure is harmless and painless.
  • In another method, i.e. allogeneic transplant, the stem cells are taken from the donor and harvested in the laboratory. It is stored for future treatment. 
  • Blood transfusion is also an easy method to inject stem cells into the bloodstream. The doctor will perform the stem cell transplantation with chemotherapy.

Stem cell transplantation is one of the best surgical procedures for treating lymphoma cancer conditions. Besides, Fortis La-femme Hospital has a dedicated branch that treats cancer conditions.


Post-treatment Procedure –

  • The doctor may suggest running a blood test; it helps to determine the blood deficiency. You can expect that the hospital stay may last for more days. 
  • The doctors will run a medical examination after the recovery. It helps to minimize the risk of infection. 
  • The expert will examine the vitals and blood count after stem cell transplantation. You can expect that the doctor may prescribe a few medications. 
  • The medication helps to prevent infections and complications due to donor cells. 
  • The patient can also get a blood transfusion after the stem cell transplant. It is an outpatient treatment. Thus, you don’t need to stay at the hospital. 


Why choose Fortis La-femmeHospital?

A dedicated branch to offer the treatment for a lymphoma cancer condition. Fortis Lemme Hospital is well known for its expertise. In addition, the Department of hematology has the management of blood-related disorders. 

A team of professional doctors ensures that the lymphoma cancer patient gets complete medical attention. Besides lymphoma the hospital also provides treatment for leukemia and myeloma. In addition, the hospital is proficient in treating lymph nodes, bone marrow, red and white blood cells. 

Fortis La-femme Hospital has a provision of advanced technology and medical equipment. The technology contributes to diagnostic tests and treatment. 

Lymphoma cancer has a higher survival rate, i.e. 80%. However, various factors decide the survival rate. It happens that the symptoms are not visible in the initial stage. Thus, it increases the severity and causes complications. In such cases, the patient needs immediate care. Stem cell transplantation is a better treatment to kill cancerous lymphoma cells. 


A good diet, consistent therapies, and stem cell treatment are the combining treatments for the condition. Once you experience the signs, seek immediate treatment. It increases your survival rate. 


How Credihealth helps you?

Credihealth is a portal that is associated with top doctors and hospitals. Therefore, the individual can get the required information about the disease. Besides, Fortis La-femme Hospital is the healthcare partner with Credihealth. Therefore, you can find the best lymphoma cancer treatment and an oncologist for the same. In addition to this, you can call +91 8010-994-994 and book a video consultation with the doctor. 



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