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Why Aditya Birla Hospital Pune is best for Critical Care?

There are various cases when one needs critical care. Apart from accidental prone cases, the patients suffering from pulmonary disease or critical illness need immediate treatment. In addition, the doctors in critical care provide treatment for COVID-19 patients who have difficulty in cardiac, hepatic, renal, and central nervous system disease. Generally, critical care is given to the patient who urgently needs the latest machinery or technology, or treatment for survival. At the same time, Aditya Birla Hospital offers the best treatment in critical care. 

The critical care unit plays a vital role in the health care domain as it offers the best treatment for major illnesses in critical situations. 

What can you expect in critical care?

  • A wide range of illnesses, diseases, and accidents are treated in critical care. Some patients with chronic or acute diseases are also given proper treatment. 
  • The patients may experience difficulty in swallowing and communication.
  • The critical care unit helps the patients in the recovery procedure and provides speech therapy and language therapy to better the patient.
  • The critical care unit has a dedicated team, including surgeons, oncologists, internal medicine experts, and paramedics.
  • The health experts work rigorously in the treatment of the patient. 
  • The doctors may suggest running a few tests to detect the cause of the illness or health problem.
  • Critical care includes ICUs: Cardiothoracic ICU, General ICU, neurological ICU, and high dependency unit. 
  • Critical care offers the latest technology and machine for the treatment of the patient. 


Aditya Birla Hospital Pune – Overview

The hospital is best for the medical emergency center. It is well equipped with 10 beds – 4 red zones and advanced life-saving facilities. Aditya Birla Hospital Pune has various facilities such as cardiac, trauma, pediatric bays, and infectious diseases. It has a provision of mini operation theatres and a dedicated department for providing the best services. In addition, the hospital is fully equipped with four independent and critical care units for emergency cases. 

The staff members are well trained and highly qualified to handle challenging situations and cases. The hospital has the finest talent and doctors who work as full-time consultants. 


Medical Emergency Center –

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune is a famous healthcare provider which provides medical emergency services. The critical care center at the hospital is well equipped with all the facilities to cater the emergencies. The doctors in critical care are well trained to handle accident-prone cases. In addition, critical care medicine has the right diagnosis and treatment for the patient. Critical care has a dedicated department that deals with an accident, emergency cases. 

The department has comprehensive and holistic care for the patient. In addition, the doctor practices global standards for the treatment. Furthermore, they have processed more than 3500 patients in critical units. The team has surgeons, doctors, nurses, and other paramedics. 


Treatment is given in Critical Care –

The critical care unit department provides a wide range of services includes :

  • The team members provide full attention to the patients in the emergency wards.
  • Time to time check-up is done, and the report is provided for the medical expert who evaluates, manage and design the treatment plan.
  • Physicians or non-physician provide the correct billing of the critical care services.
  • The patient is provided support in treating many health problems such as central nervous system failure, circulatory failure, and shock-like conditions.
  • In addition, the doctor provides treatment for respiratory failure, postoperative complications, and overwhelming infection. 
  • The team of critical care is well trained to handle emergency cases and challenging surgeries. 
  • The department of critical care is well equipped with all the ICU for Cardiologists and neurological ICUs. 


Therefore Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune is the best healthcare provider, and the patients are provided undivided attention during the treatment. And it is the leading hospital in Maharashtra for its dynamic approach to treating illnesses. 

Critical care handles not only accident-prone cases but also other health conditions. These conditions include renal, hepatic, metabolic, or any other respiratory failure. It can be life-threatening for the patient if they are not admitted immediately in an emergency case. Aditya Birla Hospital is well equipped with the latest technology for treating all the conditions. A team of experts is dedicated to providing their full attention to the patients. 

In critical care service, the patients must get all the treatment with proper medications. In some cases, the doctor may ask to run some tests. Therefore, Aditya Birla  Memorial Hospital offers the best service to its patients. 


How Credihealth helps –

Aditya Birla Hospital is a healthcare partner with Credihealth. Therefore we offer the best health experts from the hospital. If you are looking for therapy or counseling after major critical surgery, book an appointment for your treatment. Furthermore, you can get in contact with the hospital for Critical care for intensive health conditions. Aditya Birla hospital Pune doctors list with consultation fees and other allied information is available on Credihealth. You can call on 8010-994-994 to get a second opinion or health advice.




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