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Why Is An Eye Surgery Needed And Which Is The Best One?

With the growing concern for eye-related problems globally, advanced technologies are introduced for hassle-free treatment solutions. The eyes are the most crucial part of the human body, which, when affected, can create a lot of problems in life. There are several situations where clinical visits and prescription medication can do the job. However, in some cases, eye surgery becomes crucial. For instance, LASIK, SMILE, or Contoura eye surgery are some essential eye surgery treatment solutions nowadays.

There are various reasons why you may need eye surgery. This will help you know your problems and proceed with the proper treatment solution like Contoura vision eye surgery or SMILE treatment. Some of the common reasons are discussed below.

  • Your doctor or surgeon will make a small incision to remove the muscle and skin to reposition the fat around your eyelid to fix the droopiness.
  • For removing the damaged part of your cornea, you will need eye surgery where the doctor will use a unique tool to replace it with healthy donor tissue.
  • You will also need eye surgery for penetrating keratoplasty, the full-thickness corneal transplant, or lamellar keratoplasty, which is a partial thickness corneal transplant.
  • In many cases, eye surgery is needed for a cataract, a cloudy area in the lens of your eye that gives you blurred vision. Here, surgeons use tiny tools to alleviate those cloudy lenses by replacing them with artificial lenses.
  • You will also need eye surgery to reshape your cornea with laser eye surgery treatment like Contoura eye surgery. This is an effective solution for people having nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness.

Eye Surgery Treatment: Which Is The Best One?

With the growing demand and wide preference from people worldwide, SMILE is considered the best followed by Contoura eye surgery for customized corneal correction. Check out every detail about these surgical treatments below:

  • SMILE procedure is US FDA approved for their exceptional technique. The eye surgeon uses a micro-incision using the laser and creates a small lens (lenticule) inside the intact cornea depending on the degree of power defect that needs to be corrected. There is no risk of corneal flap displacement or any subsequent complications. Small incision ensures that there is almost no cutting of corneal nerves, resulting in less dry eyes and better corneal sensitivity.
  • Contoura Vision is a bladeless LASIK treatment procedure where the surgeon uses Contoura vision machines for efficient performance. Contoura eye surgery is a recently launched treatment procedure that uses the latest technology for customized corneal correction. It is a better version of the topo-guided bladeless LASIK treatment procedure and shares all the benefits that you will get from LASIK treatment. However, the Contoura website always claims to give better results than LASIK as its technique is more advanced and less invasive.

Ending Note

Several people who underwent these surgeries have given satisfying remarks. However, the testimonials of SMILE are way more positive in number than Contoura vision eye surgery. You can ask your doctor for his opinion on these treatments and then select the best one.



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