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Why You Should Install One or More Aluminum Gates

Perhaps you’re thinking about installing aluminum railings to your outdoor living space. Or, perhaps you’ve already installed aluminum railings. Either way, you may want to also consider adding one or more aluminum gates.

Aluminum Gates are hinged aluminum railings that connect to almost any railing part, be it a standard railing, stair railing, or pathway.

Reasons to Install Aluminum Gates

While aluminum gates are optional elements, most designers, contractors, and other home experts highly recommend them for the following reasons:

  • Completes the Railing System: aluminum railings that stop at pathway openings and stairwell tops and/or bottoms look incomplete and unsightly. An aluminum gate encloses the gaps and completes the railing system.
  • Enhanced Home Appeal: a completed railing system offers cohesiveness and looks beautiful from all sides. Such enhances a home’s appeal and further increases its value.
  • Safety and Security: the most important aluminum reasons for installing aluminum gates, especially if you have young children (and/or enjoy having children visit) and pets, and especially if your railing encloses a potentially dangerous area (e.g. a pool, steep stairwell). They restrict entry and exit, particularly when paired with locks, and additionally keep out unwanted animals. They also offer an extra part on which to grab, should anyone need.

Like aluminum railings, aluminum gates are strong, long-lasting, and easy for which to care.

Aluminum Railing Depot

Aluminum Railing Depot (ARD) is the marketplace for all of your aluminum railing and aluminum gate supplies. Its products add durability, originality, and excellence to your home and offer the variety you need to design the outdoor space of of your dreams. ARD is your preferred, one-stop, stair railing Installation, aluminum gate, deck and porch aluminum railing, aluminum railing installation & railing kits home depot.

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ARD exclusively deals PREFERRED® Aluminum Railing Products – the best railing products on the marketplace. PREFERRED’s engineers use 6005-T5 to create the simplest to install aluminum railings with a limited lifetime warranty, which ensures that they have no material or design flaws and will not crack, flake, peel, rust, or blister.

ARD offers PREFERRED® Gate Kits in the following five colors:

  1. Textured White
  2. Textured Black
  3. Textured Charcoal Grey
  4. Textured Sandstone
  5. Textured Brown

ARD’s 4′ Gate Kits include side, top and bottom rails, as well as balusters and all required hardware. Posts and other accessories (latches and hinges) sold separately.

See PREFERRED®’s how-to videos for assistance with aluminum gate and other aluminum railing installation

Contact ARD today.

If you are looking for aluminium railing installation, stair railing installation service near Walcott and railing kits for home contact us on 888-273-7245.

Aluminum Railing Depot is the marketplace for all of your Aluminum Railing Supplies.  These products bring innovation, durability, low maintenance and of course, quality to your deck. We provide the variety needed to design the deck of your dreams and make your outdoor living space a get-away in your own back yard.


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