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Winterize Your Deck or Porch and Aluminum Railings

Winter is fast approaching. While a lucky few can enjoy their deck or porch year round, most of the nation needs to prepare their outdoor space until spring rolls around again.

Some experts predict a harsh winter with extreme cold temperatures and heavy snow and sleet (of course, every year, there’s always a few that issue such warnings). Should you have aluminum railings, no need to worry, however, as they can handle winter’s harsh temperatures and precipitation, as well as heavy snow piles.

Whatever may come, it’s good to be prepared. Here are some suggestions for keeping your deck or porch and aluminum railings in good condition in preparation for and during the upcoming winter:

  • Protect Outdoor Furniture: winter weather and cold temperatures can damage outdoor furniture. Store away your items or cover them with a heavy tarp.
  • Conduct an Inspection: inspect your deck or porch for any possible defects or areas that require repair. Make sure aluminum railings are sturdy and stable and check all screws and nails. Address all such repairs now or schedule them prior to spring, before you want to start using the deck or porch again.
  • Keep it Clean: sweep away autumn leaves and dirt – such could add unnecessary weight to your deck and possibly cause hazardous deck or porch conditions once it turns cold (consider sanding and sealing your deck to protect it even further from winter’s harsh elements). Trim any low hanging trees or branches, which may pose potential problems during icy and windy conditions.

During the winter months, whenever it snows or after a freezing rain or sleet, use a soft brush broom to clear away precipitation and dirt from your deck or porch. Don’t repeatedly bang a snow shovel against aluminum railings – such could potentially damage the protective powder coating. And, while it’s okay to spread salt around aluminum railings, don’t let it sit for weeks on end – such could also potentially damage the protective powder coating –use a soft cloth to wipe aluminum railings clean (don’t use rough brushes or harsh chemicals).

Remember, the winter will eventually end – as it always does. Before you know it, you’ll be venturing back out on your deck or porch and enjoying warm temperatures once again.

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