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Improves Productivity, Saves Space and Money Using Dual Head KVM

The KVM – keyboard, video and mouse extender allows a 3M Dynapro ET 350 Monitor or 355 Monitor HL to function from a location up to one thousand fee or three hundred meters from the host computer.

The Dual head KVM has two main parts, one is remote unit that is built into the housing of ET 350 or ET 355 monitors that are ordered with a KVM extender option and the other is – local unit that is connected to and near to the host PC.

Let’s see the different between Single Access and Dual Access

The local unit of the single access KVM extender has connectors for the components, such as: keyboard, video, mouse, serial connection and CAT5 interconnecting cable to connect the KVM extender’s local as well as remote units.
On the other hand, the dual access KVM extender offers even greater flexibility than the Single Access option. Like the single access option, the ET 350 or ET355 monitor can be up to one thousand feet away from the host PC. The basic difference is – the dual access option using Dual head KVM extender is different from the single access option in the fowling two major ways.

• More connections are possible with the dual mode and the local unit has three more connections that that of KVM single access option.

• The host PC can be operated from either local or remote stations.

Needless to say, the device dual head KVM improves productivity, saves space and money by allowing you to use multiple computers with one set of keyword, monitor and mouse. The exclusive feature offers administrators in IT department centralize the real-time updating as well as upkeep.

Dual head KVM: Benefits of Using

You have just set up a new home office, or have started working on a new company. As part of your work on a regular basis, you need to use two, often three, computers at your work station. Moreover, setting up three monitors, three keyboards, and three mice is making your desk far too crowded and troublesome. In addition, there is the other hassle of moving around to use each computer, especially when you are working in a data center with servers in racks.

Now the question arose, how to switch among hundreds, perhaps thousands, of servers in rack cabinets? How would you even accomplish this task? What if there were devices that could allow you quickly and easily access two, three, or more computers with just a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse? Due to the reason, Dual head KVM is, and it is called a KVM switch as well.


Usually when you need to manage multiple computers or servers then you need to buy several sets of keyboard, mice, and monitors. Although your desk is big enough for 2 or even 4 computers, each with its own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. But what if you need to control 6 computers, or 8, or even tens of computers? The answer is simple use dual head KVM only. The KVM switch was “born” from the demands of saving space, costs, and increasing efficiency. Your work will be easy, error free and smooth.

Beacon Links Inc. offers KVM solutions that can integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Choose dual head KVM extender; get in touch with Beacon Links Inc. today!

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