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QuickBooks Multi-user Error Code H101

When a user tries to open the company file from a normal-user mode to multi-user mode then the QuickBooks Errors H101 occurs because the file is stored on another PC thereby the request of accessing the company file fails to reach the server. And the second main reason happens when the company file is not configured in your computer system.

There may be many reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error H101 and those points we will let you know thoroughly in this article.

The Probable causes of happing QuickBooks Errors H101

  •     When company files are configured improperly or completely damaged.
  •     Quick cannot take the IP address of the computer system from which the tries to access the company file.
  •     The correct location of a company file becomes inaccessible from the server.
  •     The incoming and outgoing communicational function of your system is blocked.
  •     When are not able to open a company file on your computer system.
  •     The QuickBooks Error H101 pops up on the user’s computer screen because the company file is stored in none installed server.
  •     In case If QuickBooks firewall setting blocks access to files, the QuickBooks Error H101 gets created and comes on the PC screen.
  •     When the QuickBooks server cannot be connected with the PC.


Let’s discuss the Methods that are worthwhile to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error H101

Let’s get into a short detail of the occurring QuickBooks Error H101 before explaining the troubleshooting methods of QB Error H101.

    Method: The very method to fix this error is to make a dedicated New Folder of Company File

  •     The very first step under this solution is you have to follow by making a new folder to share it in Host PC of QuickBooks.
  •     Open Windows to store entry for sharing company files so that the files can be accessed without any restriction.
  •     Now, replicate “.qbw file” by copying it to the new folder on the host computer.
  •     Finally, you have to open the files in multi-user mode to counter Quickbook Error.

Method 2: Verifying QuickBooks Services

  •     First of all, you have to press the Windows key then type run and press the Enter key.
  •     Now, the Run box appears on your computer screen, type services.MSC and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  •     You have to find QuickBooksDBXX services in the services windows by scrolling down.
  •     `Check the startup type is active and also make sure the service status is on running mode if not then make turn it on running mode.
  •     Press the recovery tab and after that click the go with the drop-down menu option to restart the services for the first failure.
  •     If you don’t succeed to restart the services go for the second time failure for the upcoming failures.
  •     Click ok to save the setting of the changes.
  •     Now, all you need to do is repeat the entire process over again to get QBCFMonitorService.
  •     At last, just start the QuickBooks on all workstations including the multi-user mode one.

 Method 3: Verifying Hosting

  •     At first, simply open the QuickBooks application on every PC on which QuickBooks is installed.
  •     Open the file of QuickBooks and select the utilities.
  •     In utilities, check the Multi-User Host Access on the list.
  •     If you find the Multi-User Access is already there then you don’t need to do anything with the changes of Multi-User Host Access, switch to another PC.
  •     Now, you have to select the icon of Stop Hosting Multi-User Access to carry on the process.
  •     At last, you need to repeat the abovementioned points over again on every PC in your workstation.

Method 4: Use QuickBooks Doctor File Tool

You can download QuickBooks Doctor File Tool to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error H101. QuickBooks Doctor Tool Helps you find the QuickBooks Error H101. Once you find the error then you can fix it.

If It doesn’t help you, you can go for other options as we have suggested connecting with the QuickBooks error helpdesk team.



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