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Easy to Growing Strawberries in Coco Coir Using RIOCOCO Coir Grow Bags

Strawberries grow much better on coconut coir than other growing mediums. Research shows that growing strawberries in coco coir not only improves their growth but also their quality compared to traditional crops grown.

It goes without saying that there are various benefits or advantages of growing strawberries in coco coir.  One of the reasons, hydroponic growers like it, when grown in coconut coir bag or plank or brick, it performs better in terms of fruit yield per plant, salinity as well as fruit weight, and also firmness coir is good.

The total soluble solids i.e. amount of sugar; anthocyanins as well as phenolic compounds are good, for which hydroponics growers all around the world choose to growing strawberries in coco coir.

The Best Natural Medium for Growing Strawberries

Coconut coir also known as coco coir substrate is a natural product. It is biodegradable and non-toxic if you choose a product that is manufactured by a trusted manufacturer like RICOCOO. It has great capacity for aeration and water retention. Thus, the soil-less production system with the help of coconut coir substrate has many advantages, like better control in the use of water and avoiding residual liquid.

It allows for re-circulation as well. The best part is – if you are planning to grow strawberries using an alternative medium or you are in a place where the soil can be a limiting factor then growing strawberries in coco coir would be the best option. You will be able to harvest the fruit more comfortably. Coconut coir substrates not only helps raise the plants to get the desired height but also easy to maintain.

If you are into hydroponic cultivation, then you must know that strawberries require full sun light, approx six hours a day, so you should choose your garden space wisely, so that it gets enough sung light. If you choose the space properly using coco coir products, you are sure to get the best results.

Needless to say coco coir retains much more efficiently than conventional growing mediums, due to the reason strawberry plants need less frequent watering. Coconut coir substrates also have a high level of aeration and strawberries ‘ root systems need lots of O2.

What Makes RIOCOCO Apart?

RICOCOCO is second to none in offering high quality coconut coir substrates for growing strawberries. RIOCOCO is one of the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of 100 percent organic, biodegradable and non-toxic coir products in the world. If you are looking for a quality soilless medium to grow fruits, this is the best for sure.

The best thing is – all the substrates that RIOCOCO offers are renewable, biodegradable and scientifically blended coconut coir brick or bag, which are used widely for growing strawberries in coco coir. The next best thing is for which hydroponic growers use coir substrates is that it has excellent water holding capacity, and has fast absorption capacity. It works as the best nutrient and fertilizer solution that ensures equal distribution of air as well as water throughout the coir substrates.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for quality coconut coir substrates for growing strawberries in coco coir, look no further than RIOCOCO produced by Ceyhinz Link International! Visit today!



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